Ready to become a Pro?

This incredible resource provides over 1 hour of jam-packed information to help you become an expert every time you provide a consultation or proposal to your client! This resource offers:

  • No-fluff, jam-packed, content

  • Work on your own schedule and at your own pace

  • Access to several blog posts for additional reading

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Videos & Presentations

    8 jam-packed videos full of information to create the perfect consultation and proposal!

  • Multiple Resources

    Over 1 hour of content and blog posts to crush your consultations and proposals every time!

  • Online Delivery

    The Perfect Consultation and Proposal is pre-recorded, allowing for convenience and flexibility.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

-Walt Disney


Course curriculum

  • 2
    • Prepping for the Consultation
    • Building the Relationship and Setting Expectations
    • Qualifying the Client & Strategically Ending the Consultation
    • 8 Key Questions for Every Consultation
    • 8 Key Changes to Your Consultation to Guarantee a Close!
  • 3
    • The Perfect Presentation to Efficiently Close the Sale
    • How to Ask for the Sale
    • How to Close a Deal During the Presentation
    • How to Deliver a Presentation that Will Close Every Time!
    • Travel Advisor Resources
  • 4
    Wrapping Up
    • Consultation and Presentation Summary
    • Thank you for choosing TARC!

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