What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager, also known as a CRM, is a technological system used to manage your company's database, relationships, and interactions with prospective leads and clients. A CRM helps agencies stay organized while tracking specific workflows at each stage of the sales process. The CRM system also connects agents to their clients in an effort to streamline their processes/procedures while organizing their database to improve profitability.

What can I use my CRM for?

These are just a few things your CRM can do for you!

  • Sales Cycle

    One of the most important tools of a CRM is tracking leads and clients at each step of the sales cycle. By quickly seeing where clients are at in the sales cycle, agents can easily follow-up with them to better build/maintain the relationship.

  • Maintaing Databases

    A business is only as strong as its customer database. By using a CRM, agents can easily access their client's information and segment them based on preferences, locations, and much more. Proper database maintenance will also help with marketing and sales.

  • Automating Processes

    Ever wonder how big corporations stay in contact with their customers from the minute they reach out until they get back home? It's by using a CRM to automate their processes and having email touchpoints that are sent out along the way. You can do this too!

Ready to get started?

Here is a list of some of the top-rated travel industry CRM's to help streamline your business and improve your profitability. There is no "right answer" when it comes to choosing a CRM, it has to make the most sense to you and your business model.

We recommend checking out each of the CRMs to find the one that is best suited to your needs! Some may include an easier dashboard for you to follow, others may include itinerary builders, and others may include email automation.

*Please note that TARC does not endorse or recommend any specific travel related resources. Each agency, advisor, supplier, and/or user must do their own research and make a decision to access/purchase resources based on their own findings. All sales are final. TARC does not own or manage many of the resources provided on our site, so please look into them before signing up or purchasing them. Keep in mind that you are accessing and using these resources at your own risk.