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TARC has partnered with Laurence D. Gore & Associates to provide legal templates and waivers to help protect your business. You may use these templates as they are or use the content to create and customize your own. Here is a list of the resources available in this package:

  • Travel Agency Contract / Terms & Conditions

    A Travel Agency Contract, often referred to as "Terms & Conditions,” “Disclaimer,” or “Terms of Use,” is a comprehensive agreement that outlines the operational relationship between the travel agency and its clients. Although it is extensive in nature, it is a necessity to protect the agency and provide a proper understanding of the agency role in the booking of travel. This essential document serves as a safeguard for both parties and should be signed by every traveler over the age of 17. It requires the participants to agree that your company is not responsible for the acts or omissions of travel suppliers or events beyond your control. It also encompasses a wide range of important details, such as your payment and cancellation terms, disclosures, and releases, including the agency's responsibilities, liabilities, and up-to-date provisions, such as those related to unforeseen circumstances like oversights of travel suppliers or epidemics. These terms may also be referenced on an agency's website and travelers are encouraged to sign or acknowledge their review of it.

  • Agreement to Disclose Personal Information

    An "Agreement to Disclose Personal Information" is a crucial document that enables clients to authorize the sharing of their personal data with a travel agency, empowering the agency to then communicate this information directly to travel suppliers on the client's behalf. It serves as a legal requirement in both the United States and the European Union (EU), outlining in precise terms how and why the agency will utilize the client's information. It clearly delineates the limitations on information usage and highlights the agency's non-liability for any misuse by third-party suppliers. Additionally, the agreement includes the client's consent to ensure that all provided information remains current and relevant, ensuring transparency and compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Credit Card Authorization From & Agency Fee Agreement

    A "Credit Card Authorization Form" is an essential document for travel agencies that allows them to securely authorize and process credit card payments. This form plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the agency's financial interests, particularly in situations involving chargebacks and potential fraud. This straightforward yet crucial form outlines the precise terms and conditions for credit card usage, which may also include the specified time period and the validity of the provided information. Given the ongoing risks associated with fraud and deceptive practices, this document holds significant value in protecting the agency's financial assets and ensuring transparency and compliance with payment processes.

    The Agency Fee Agreement is the agreement that your agency should create and utilize with any of your clients prior to charging fees. It requires the participants to agree that your company is charging for a plan-to-go, retainer, or cancellation fee, depending on which route you prefer to take. If you decide that you would like to charge 2 types of fees, you can tailor this agreement to best suit your needs.

  • Travel Protection Waiver

    A "Travel Protection Waiver" is an indispensable document for travel agencies. It plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the agency's interests, particularly when clients need to process a claim but lack insurance coverage. As a responsible travel advisor, it is essential to consistently recommend travel protection to every client, regardless of their trip's duration, cost, or destination. This waiver not only highlights the agency's commitment to client well-being but also emphasizes the importance of adequate protection against unforeseen circumstances during travel. It acts as a safety net for clients who may face unexpected situations, providing them with a valuable option to mitigate risks. By offering and promoting this waiver, travel agencies demonstrate their dedication to ensuring a worry-free and secure travel experience for their clients.

  • Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release

    A "Settlement Agreement & Mutual Release" form serves as a valuable tool in the event of legal disputes between the agency and a customer or client. While disputes can arise in the travel industry, it is crucial to have a formalized agreement that goes beyond mere verbal agreements. This form provides a structured framework for settling disputes amicably, ensuring a clear understanding between the agency and the client. By outlining the terms of settlement comprehensively, it helps prevent further conflicts or the need for costly litigation. Emphasizing the importance of this form demonstrates the agency's commitment to resolving issues professionally and transparently, ultimately fostering positive relationships with clients while protecting the agency's interests.

  • Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement & Affirmation Affidavit

    An "Independent Contractor (IC) Agreement" is a vital document that establishes a robust and industry-specific relationship between independent contractors and the travel agency. This agreement serves as a foundational contract for incorporating independent contractors into the agency, defining the terms and conditions of the relationship. By using an industry-specific document, travel agencies ensure that all crucial specifics are accounted for, reducing the risk of conflicts and misunderstandings. It not only enhances the professionalism of the relationship but also provides a clear framework that benefits both the agency and the independent contractors, fostering a harmonious and well-defined working partnership. Unlike generic "off-the-shelf" IC agreements that often overlook industry-specific details, the agreement provided by Laurence D. Gore & Associates is tailored specifically for the travel industry.

    An "Independent Contractor Affirmation Affidavit" is a fundamental document for incorporating independent contractors within your agency, establishing a clear and legally binding framework that helps further define the relationship.

  • Hosted Outside Independent Contractor Agreement

    This is a general contract for adding hosted independent contractors under your agency. Hosted independent contractors differ from normal independent contractors in that they will work under someone else's brand/agency within your organization. This is the contract that you should have with each independent contractor AND hosted independent contractor to define your relationship. For Example: Your agency brings on an independent agent (agency ABC), who has independent agents of their own. This agreement would be used for those additional agents within agency ABC.

  • Group Contract

    This is a general Group Contract for your agency. This is the contract that your agency should create with any of your group leaders prior to secure a deposit or initiating a booking/reservation. It requires the participants to agree that your company is not responsible for the acts or omissions of travel suppliers or events beyond your control. It also contains your payment and cancellation terms and many other important disclosures, releases, etc.

  • Guardian Consent Form

    Unforeseen matters may occur during travel, which require specific consents from the responsible adult traveling with your child as a temporary (“caretaker/s”). If a child is to travel with someone other than their parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian must authorize the caretaker/s to make decisions in the interests of your child, including all decisions which a parent or legal guardian can make. The caretaker/s may be asked to make decisions relating to matters such as the child’s safety, health and dietary requirements, medical treatment and decisions relating to disciplinary matters. Please have your client complete the attached authorization and present a copy to you before departing for their trip. -We recommend that this completed form also be provided to the Parent/s OR Guardian/s, Caretaker/s, and travel or tour company prior to departure.

Laurence D. Gore & Associates Travel Legal Template Bundle includes the legal language you need to protect yourself, your website, and your business, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations within the travel industry.

All documents were drafted by a travel attorney. They are easy to download and are simple and quick to customize and use (in Microsoft Word), no law degree required!

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