What are they for?

Experts, education, & entertainment

Travel advisors are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the game and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the travel industry. Whether you're in the car, at the gym, on a plane (which happens a lot), podcasts offer a convenient and engaging way to learn from others. Depending on the podcast, you can stay informed, inspired, and entertained while on-the-go.

How do I find the right one?

With so many podcasts available, it's important to choose one that aligns with your interests and needs. The right podcast can provide valuable insights, expert opinions, and entertaining content that can help you stay informed and engaged. It's also important to consider factors such as the host(s), the podcast's production quality, and the frequency of new episodes. Podcasts should be fun to listen to and they should keep your attention to make the most out of your listening experience. Find the perfect podcast to fit your interests and start exploring more about the travel industry today.

Ready to tune in?

Here is a list of some of the most well-known travel industry or travel related podcasts to help ease your search. There is no "right answer" when it comes to choosing a travel industry podcast, it has to make the most sense to you and your business model.

We recommend checking out each of the resources to find the one that is best suited to your needs! Some may include insights, some may provide witty banter, and some may help with both personal & professional development.

*Please note that TARC does not endorse or recommend any specific travel related resources. Each agency, advisor, supplier, and/or user must do their own research and make a decision to access/purchase resources based on their own findings. All sales are final. TARC does not own or manage many of the resources provided on our site, so please look into them before signing up or purchasing them. Keep in mind that you are accessing and using these resources at your own risk.