The Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) Program

You know you want to build a successful travel agency, but you have no clue where to begin. This program will provide the tools necessary to:

- Inform clients of why they should work with YOU!
- Identify and Select a Niche Market
- Target specific clients and match them with the right vacation
- Market and Sell effectively to your travel customers
- Recognized by: IATA, CCRA, and several host agencies

The Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) Program

Design your future

- Build a Brand
- Become the Expert
- Target the Right Clients

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What makes TARC's Recognized Travel Advisor Program different?

TARC's RTA Program not only teaches you how to build and develop your travel agency, but also provides expert advice from instructors with knowledge and experience of various aspects throughout the travel industry. This program is provided through a comprehensive module-based online resource that you can complete at your own pace.

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • 13 Modules

    Each lesson provides a general foundation to various aspects of the travel industry. Educated advisors can apply this knowledge in developing their business.

  • Videos & Presentations

    Nothing beats traveling, but we offer different videos and presentations throughout this program to better immerse you in the client experience!

  • Online Delivery

    The RTA program is web-based, allowing for convenience and flexibility. Our instructors are here to support you and check your results each step of the way.


Get instant access to the Recognized Travel Advisor program for only $499!

  • $499.00

    Recognized Travel Advisor Program


The Recognized Travel Advisor Program Includes:

  • Worldwide Accessibility

    TARC provides online resources that can be accessed worldwide. This gives customers control of their learning environment, which ultimately helps develop a deeper understanding of each program.

  • Self-Paced Learning

    TARC offers self-paced resources to increase flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience. With self-paced learning, you can work programs into your schedule whenever it works best for you.

  • Professional Support

    TARC instructors are here to help you succeed. They will navigate you through the different courses and resources we have to offer. Mentoring programs are also available for an additional fee.

Course Instructors

  • Steven Gould

    CINO - Chief Innovation Officer

    Steven Gould

    Travel has always been more than just a hobby – it is my BIGGEST passion. I learned early in my career that travel is not just a way to see another destination. It’s about creating immersive experiences that will change your life! There's something about venturing to new destinations, learning about different cultures, and coming back with a piece of you that wasn't there before you left. “I always encourage advisors to learn, experience, and grow in this amazing industry. We are afforded so many opportunities and I hope TARC helps enrich and enhance those opportunities for years to come!”

Recognized Travel Advisor Certificate

After completion of this course, you will become a
Recognized Travel Advisor!

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Here is why you need to check out the Recognized Travel Advisor program today!

Being a Recognized Travel Advisor shows that you have completed TARCs program to jump-start your career in the travel industry. Using this knowledge and expertise will help set you apart from the competition and focus on the right sales and marketing strategies to find clients within your niche!
Jump-start Your Business!
Here is why you need to check out the Recognized Travel Advisor program today!


What people ask before signing up for the Recognized Travel Advisor program

  • What is a Travel Advisor?

    A Travel Advisor, previously referred to as a Travel Agent, is a person who simplifies the time-consuming and complicated process of planning travel for their customers in addition to providing consultation services and travel packages.

  • What is a Recognized Travel Advisor?

    A Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) is an educated travel professional who has completed the Travel Advisor Resource Center's (TARC) Recognized Travel Advisor program, and has taken steps to advance and elevate their business in the travel industry. They have learned what it means to be a Travel Advisor, the benefits of using a Travel Advisor, how to find and cultivate the right clients, how to choose a niche market, and how to propel their business toward success.

  • Will I receive a certification upon completion?

    After all of your hard work, we want to make sure you have the tools to effectively market yourself as an expert Travel Advisor! Once you pass your final exam, we will send you a personalized certificate from Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC) to showcase your brand new achievement in the travel industry. This certificate is recognized by IATA, CCRA, and several host agencies throughout the travel industry.

  • Is becoming a Travel Advisor a smart career move?

    Tourism accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide and is part of almost every industry. Becoming a Travel Advisor is a lot of work, but it is also an extremely rewarding career. Sending clients on bucket list trips, watching them learn from other cultures, organizing events, or planning weddings are just a few of the great ways that Travel Advisors can work with clients. The fact is, people like to travel for personal reasons and many also travel for professional reasons; whatever the reason, they do it best with a trusted Travel Advisor.

  • Why should I choose RTA over another travel industry certification?

    There are several certification programs that teach advisors general business principles and practices, business ethics, writing skills, customer service, teamwork, communication, and managing customer needs. Advisors may also learn about accepting credit cards, planning itineraries, and itinerary creation. Feedback from new travel advisors has shown us they find these courses lacking in providing real world skills and knowledge they need to hit the ground running and be successful in their new career/business. The Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) program briefly covers each of the topics listed above to help advisors regulate their business, but it is not our primary focus. Our certification takes advisors to the next level by exploring the different facets of the industry and demonstrating how to be a successful travel advisor, more than just a business owner. This certification was created by actual Travel Advisors, not just a travel corporation. We created the RTA program to be the “Next Level” option. When advisors are ready to cultivate leads, create their brand, and align their business the right way, we give them the knowledge they need. We teach them about niche markets, why they are important, and how to choose them. We go into each market segment (cruises, tours, all-inclusives, and land packages), as well as different niches in our industry (romance, groups, and Disney) to help advisors become experts when trying to find the right clientele. Too many advisors ask all the wrong questions about these subjects, and it is not their fault. It is because they have not received proper education to know which questions to ask or where to look for their answers. That’s where the RTA program comes in. After learning about niche markets, we provide a module on Air Travel, Travel Protection, and an introduction about Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing. Our final section helps advisors develop their business. We discuss why relationships are important in our industry – with suppliers and with clients. We discuss the different industry affiliations (IATA/TRUE/CLIA/ARC) and explain what consortia are, so advisors can be better equipped to handle their introduction to the industry and know the terminology and best practices that they may not have been expecting. We provide our certification program to new and experienced advisors looking to elevate their knowledge of this industry.

Resource Lessons

  • 1
    Chapter 1 - Welcome!
  • 2
    Chapter 2 - Niche Markets & Geography
    • Lesson 2.1 - Discover a Niche
    • Lesson 2.2 - Travel Styles
    • Lesson 2.3 - Types of Clientele
    • Lesson 2.4 - Geography of the World
    • Lesson 2.5 - Geography of Africa
    • Lesson 2.6 - Geography of Antarctica
    • Lesson 2.7 - Geography of Asia
    • Lesson 2.8 - Geography of Australia
    • Lesson 2.9 - Geography of Europe
    • Lesson 2.10 - Geography of North America
    • Lesson 2.11 - Geography of South America
    • Lesson 2.12 - TARC Continents & Rivers
    • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • 3
    Chapter 3 - Cruises
    • Lesson 3.1 - Introduction to Cruises
    • Lesson 3.2 - Cruise Itineraries
    • Knowledge Check 1
    • Lesson 3.3 - Onboard Experience
    • Knowledge Check 2
    • Lesson 3.4 - Selling Cruises
    • Lesson 3.5 - Cruise Add-Ons
    • Lesson 3.6 - Useful Tips & Tricks for Cruises
    • Lesson 3.7 - Cruise Terminology
    • Lesson 3.8 - Carnival Vista Ship Tour
    • Lesson 3.9 - Norwegian Bliss Ship Tour
    • Chapter 3 - Additional Cruise Training Resources
    • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • 4
    Chapter 4 - All-Inclusive Resorts
    • Lesson 4.1 - Introduction
    • Lesson 4.2 - Destinations and Inclusions
    • Lesson 4.3 - Resort Experiences
    • Knowledge Check
    • Lesson 4.4 - How to Book
    • Lesson 4.5 - Selling Add-Ons
    • Lesson 4.6 - Useful Tips and tricks for All-Inclusives
    • Lesson 4.7 - All-Inclusive Terminology
    • Lesson 4.8 - Family Resort Tour - Generations Riviera Maya
    • Lesson 4.9 - Adults Only Resort Tour - El Dorado
    • Chapter 4 Quiz
  • 5
    Chapter 5 - Land Vacations
    • Lesson 5.1 - Land Vacations
    • Lesson 5.2 - Escorted Tours
    • Lesson 5.3 - Disney Vacations
    • Lesson 5.4 - Useful Tips for Land Vacations
    • Lesson 5.5 - Land Terminology
    • Chapter 5 Quiz
  • 6
    Chapter 6 - Groups
    • Lesson 6.1 - Groups
    • Lesson 6.2 - The quickest and best way to grow your travel agency business – Groups
    • Lesson 6.3 - Useful Tips & Tricks for Groups
    • Lesson 6.4 - Group Terminology
    • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • 7
    Chapter 7 - Air Travel
    • Lesson 7.1 - Introduction to Air
    • Lesson 7.2 - How to Book
    • Lesson 7.3 - Types of Airfare
    • Lesson 7.4 - Airfare Liabilities
    • Lesson 7.5 - Air Travel Extras
    • Chapter 7 Quiz
  • 8
    Chapter 8 - Travel Protection
    • Lesson 8.1 - Introduction to Travel Protection
    • Lesson 8.2 - Why Travel Advisors should offer Travel Protection
    • Lesson 8.3 - What might be covered with Travel Protection?
    • Lesson 8.4 - Travel Advisor Liability
    • Lesson 8.5 - Offering Travel Protection
    • Lesson 8.6 - The Seven HIDDEN SECRETS You Didn't Know About Travel Protection
    • Chapter 8 Quiz
  • 9
    Chapter 9 - Customer Service
    • Lesson 9.1 - Customer Service
    • Lesson 9.2 - Tips for becoming the best service-focused travel advisor
    • Chapter 9 Quiz
  • 10
    Chapter 10 - Sales
    • Lesson 10.1 - Sales 101
    • Lesson 10.2 - The Sales Cycle
    • Lesson 10.3 - Qualifying Questions
    • Lesson 10.4 - Downloadable Qualifying Questions
    • Chapter 10 Quiz
  • 11
    Chapter 11 - Marketing
    • Lesson 11.1 - Introduction to Marketing
    • Lesson 11.2 - Setting up your Facebook and Instagram
    • Lesson 11.3 - Understanding and Effectively Using a Call-to-Action (CTA) in the Travel Industry
    • Lesson 11.4 - The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Travel Advisors
    • Lesson 11.5 - Tips for Using Paid Marketing
    • Lesson 11.6 - 10 Ways To Jump-Start Your Travel Agency and Reach New Customers
    • Lesson 11.7 - Creating an Engaging Biography
    • Chapter 11 Quiz
  • 12
    Chapter 12 - Developing Your Travel Business
    • Lesson 12.1 - Travel Industry Accreditations
    • Lesson 12.2 - Industry Affiliations
    • Lesson 12.3 - Relationships and Resources
    • Lesson 12.4 - How Commissions Work
    • Lesson 12.5 - Professionalism and Ethics
    • Lesson 12. 6 - Time Management
    • Lesson 12.7 - Cover Your A$$ets
    • Lesson 12.8 - Why Travel Agents Are Rebranding As Travel Advisors
    • Chapter 12 Quiz
  • 13
    Chapter 13 - Becoming a Recognized Travel Advisor
    • Lesson 13.1 - Final Exam Process
    • Lesson 13.2 - Customer Service Exercise
    • Lesson 13.3 - Sphere of Influence Exercise
    • Lesson 13.4 - Marketing Plan Exercise
    • Chapter 13 - Additional Resources
    • Lesson 13.5 - Final Exam Prep Notes and Sign-Up

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