Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey that transforms your passion for travel into a brand-new business venture? Look no further – the TA Launchpad is your key to the exciting world of travel entrepreneurship, or travelpreneurship, as we like to call it.

What is TA Launchpad?

TA Launchpad is a carefully crafted, immersive program with 10 transformative days worth of expert information, designed as a step-by-step guide for aspiring travelpreneurs, just like you!

Throughout the program, you'll go through daily challenges and hands-on exercises to help build your travel agency more confidently. These challenges will cover important areas such as branding, registrations, legal requirements, client workflow systems, and so much more. 

The purpose of this program is to empower you as a more focused travelpreneur while jumpstarting your career in the exciting travel industry!

What to Expect?

Get ready for an immersive experience that blends expert guidance, practical know-how, and the thrill of building your travel business from the ground up. Our program isn't just about theory; it's a hands-on adventure. So, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to take off on an unforgettable 10-day expedition to launch your travel business – the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

  • Daily Challenges: We've designed these challenges to help you break your projects into manageable tasks.

  • Valuable Resources: Access essential resources like business plans, worksheets, and industry-specific forms and PDFs.

  • Hands-On Exercises: Gain real-world experience through practical exercises to thrive in the travel industry.

  • Network and Connect: Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your travel dreams and entrepreneurial spirit!

If you're ready to turn your wanderlust into a new adventure, you're in the right place. Don't let your dream of running a successful travel agency stay on hold any longer. Let's ignite your travel business and launch your dreams to new heights!

Daily Lessons

  • 1
    • Welcome to Day 1!
    • TA Launchpad Checklist
    • Challenge Part 1: Get to Know Your Travel Agency Puzzle
    • Challenge Part 2: 30 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Career as a Travel Advisor
    • Day 1 Wrap-Up
  • 2
    • Let's Start Day 2!
    • Challenge Part 1: Discover Your Niche Market
    • Challenge Part 2: Define Your Ideal Client
    • Day 2 Wrap-Up
  • 3
    • It's Day 3 - Building Your Foundation
    • Challenge Part 1: Choose Your Business Name
    • Challenge Part 2: Determine Your Business Structure
    • Day 3 Wrap-Up
  • 4
    • Day 4 & 5 - Let's Do This!
    • Challenge Part 1: Setting Up Your Business The Right Way
    • Challenge Part 2: Developing Your Business Plan
    • Challenge Part 3: Building Your Budget
    • Day 4 & 5 Wrap-Up
  • 5
    • Hello, Day 6! Crafting Your Brand Identity
    • Brand Identity Exercise
    • Bonus Resource
    • Day 6 Wrap-Up
  • 6
    • Day 7: Personal & Professional Development
    • Challenge Part 1: Dream Workspace Worksheet
    • Challenge Part 2: Mastering Time Management
    • Challenge Part 3: Elevate Your Expertise
    • Day 7 Wrap-Up
  • 7
    • Day 8 - Legal & Liability
    • Bonus Resource
    • Day 8 - Safeguarding and Protecting Your Business Against Errors & Omissions
    • Day 8 Wrap-Up
  • 8
    • Day 9: Workflows & Technology
    • Day 9 Challenge: Design Your Client Experience
    • Bonus Resources
    • Day 9 Wrap-Up
  • 9
    • Day 10: Launching Your Travel Business
    • Challenge Part 1: Find A Mentor
    • Challenge Part 2: Becoming An Expert
    • Challenge Part 3: Tell Everyone What You Do
    • Challenge Part 4: Travel Agency Puzzle Check-In
    • Bonus Resources
    • An Excerpt From Our Founder

What will you achieve by completing this?

Upon completing TA launchpad's intensive 10-day program, you will be equipped with:

  • A strong understanding of your brand identity.

  • A deep dive into industry-specific best practices.

  • Resources to implement throughout your business.

  • The confidence to launch and grow your travel business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from the TA Launchpad?

    The TA Launchpad was tailor-made for individuals looking to kickstart their travel career. While this program delves into many facets of owning a business, the information provided is beneficial to anyone looking to better understand and grow their travel business – from independently-accredited agency owners to hosted contractors, franchisees, and even employees. Whether you are new to the industry and ready for take off, or you are a seasoned professional looking for a refresh of your travel business, our program will provide tools and resources to help you succeed.

    The TA Launchpad will be your co-pilot as you navigate the complexities of designing a foolproof business plan, mastering your personal and professional budget, learning about your brand identity, and fine-tuning your client workflows – all crucial elements of building and running a successful travel business. So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff, because the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin!

  • Is ALL of this information really provided for free?

    At TARC, we are committed to transparency and honesty in all aspects of our business. That being said, we want to inform each of you that we have partnered with several organizations, both in and out of the travel industry, to provide additional resources that you’ll find on our websites and throughout the TA Launchpad. Like this program, some of the resources will be provided on a complimentary basis, but others will come at a cost. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase any additional resources to complete the TA Launchpad, but there are many resources provided that can help streamline and elevate your travel business. Please note that TARC may earn income from these products and services, including affiliate marketing, sponsored content, advertising, sale of our own products, and reader contributions.

  • Will I be able to launch my travel business in just 10 days?

    Our program was created to provide you with bite-sized information to jumpstart your travel business and get the juices flowing with actionable content, challenges, and exercises over the course of 10 days. While we provide quite a bit of information, achieving a fully operational travel business within this timeframe may not be realistic. The truth is, you may need several days to process some of the information, but you can always get started and revisit it later. Our experts anticipate that the process of setting up your travel business can generally take anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on how much time you dedicate to building it. During the setup process, you may be slowed down by decision fatigue, workflow implementation, contracts, licensure, and several other mitigating factors. Don't let that scare you though because once you complete the TA Launchpad, we anticipate that you'll be between 75-80% of the way there and you’ll have plenty of resources to reach the end!

  • What is a Travel Advisor?

    A Travel Advisor, previously referred to as a Travel Agent, is a person who simplifies the time-consuming and complicated process of planning travel for their customers, in addition to providing consultation services and travel packages.

  • Is becoming a Travel Advisor a smart career move?

    Tourism accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide and is part of almost every industry. Becoming a Travel Advisor is a lot of work, but it is also an extremely rewarding career. Sending clients on bucket list trips, organizing events, and even planning weddings are just a few great ways that Travel Advisors can work with clients. The fact is, people like to travel for personal reasons and many also travel for professional reasons – whatever the reason, they do it best with a trusted Travel Advisor.

  • Will I be navigating this journey alone?

    NO WAY!! One of the best things about the travel industry is the amazing communities that have developed over the years. While the TA Launchpad is a self-paced program, we have personally created a dedicated Facebook Group tailored to the TA Launchpad and individuals looking to join the travel industry. As you progress in your career, you’ll discover a wealth of diverse resources at your disposal for asking questions and seeking guidance. That being said, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you're seeking answers and feel a bit lost, we strongly recommend exploring additional resources available on our website at or reaching out to a seasoned industry mentor for valuable assistance and insights.

  • How do I know this will work?

    While we can't "guarantee" success, we can assure you that all of the content throughout the TA Launchpad has been carefully sourced by owners of multi-million dollar travel agencies and experts throughout the industry.

  • What’s next after completing the TA Launchpad?

    That’s for you to find out! As you'll soon discover through the TA Launchpad, the travel industry offers boundless opportunities. With the knowledge you'll gain, you'll be ready to embark on the journey of growing and developing your brand-new travel business. *Please note that this program does not come with a certificate of completion. If you are searching for our industry-recognized certification program, please visit the Recognized Travel Advisor (RTA) program on our website at:

*Please note that TARC does not endorse or recommend any specific travel-related resources. Each agency, advisor, supplier, and/or user must do their own research and make a decision to access/purchase resources based on their own findings. All sales are final. TARC does not own or manage many of the resources provided on our site, so please look into them before signing up or purchasing them. Keep in mind that you are accessing and using these resources at your own risk.