The Checklist

As a travel-preneur, communication with your clients should be one of the most important aspects of your travel business. However, choosing the correct set of emails to send to clients for effective communication can also be overwhelming.

Let us introduce you to our Client Email Template Checklist - a game-changing resource for travel advisors like you! We understand the importance of having a well-curated set of email templates to help streamline your business, keeping your communication strategy at the front of your client experience.
Utilizing well-crafted email templates should be the backbone of your communication strategy, addressing various business aspects, from proposal details to post-travel follow-up. These templates can save you time and ensure reliability and consistency in client interactions. Our checklist provides a list of crucial email templates that your business should have in place.

This checklist does NOT include fully built templates for you to implement right into your business, but it does highlight a list that you can start to create.

What's Included?!

This is a great resource to help create your workflows for your travel business!

  • Build Your Workflow with our Client Templates Checklist

  • Template Checklist Downloadable PDF

  • Customizable Travel industry Templates

“You do not rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your systems.”

-James Clear

Looking For Ready-Made Email Templates?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our Agency Workflow Templates to obtain 100+ done-for-you email templates that are fully customizable and extremely easy to access.

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